What do you want
to be remembered by? 

How can you be sure
your story lives on?


Write Your Legacy with Sage Cohen

We all know our time on this planet is limited. But the pandemic is making us confront our mortality in new ways.


What if this is my last holiday season with my family? 

Would my loved ones know my full story?

Will my wisdom and legacy live on? 

Maybe you are pondering such questions during this challenging time.

Knowing you’ve prepared for the worst can help you be more present for all the best stuff in life. And leaving your legacy in writing is one way to bring you and your loved ones comfort and peace. 

Yet, it’s not easy to distill and share a lifetime of memories. Write Your Legacy will show you how! 

In this course, you’ll be led on a treasure hunt through your history. Together we’ll dig up the gold of your past and present, write the truth of your heart, and prepare to share it. So, your important people will have everything they need to carry your torch forward.

“Sage was an excellent teacher. She created a safe environment for sharing personal, tender topics. Her writing prompts were perfect for igniting creative writing. Our group had a bonding chemistry.”

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Create your own time capsule!

You will spend 30 days creating dozens of mementos that celebrate your life. This collection of writing and other media will document who you are, what you believe, and your most precious memories. You’ll even prepare to share them with your important people. So you can rest easy knowing that you haven’t left your legacy to chance.

Daily lessons invite you to:

  • Savor the special moments and memories of your life
  • Decide what really matters—and how you want to be remembered
  • Explore what you value and want to pass on
  • Prepare stories, letters, music, and visuals to share 
  • Feel assured that you’ve said the important stuff to your loved ones

“Sage, is engaging, encouraging and has a personality that drew me in. She cares about her topic, and the pacing was excellent. Sage also knew how to let people work within wide parameters, so her writing prompts gave everyone room to fit their needs. She provided a safe space, and the group had excellent synergy.”

How the class works!

Quick, engaging daily lessons

  • Writing prompts 
  • Reflections
  • Rituals 
  • Invitations + inquiries

Community support

  • Connect in a private classroom 
  • Share ideas, tips + insights 
  • Exchange support + encouragement
  • Sage will be cheering you on daily

After you sign up, you’ll receive an email confirming enrollment. On December 1, you’ll start receiving your daily lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This class is perfect for you if:

  • You want focused time to review and revel in your past
  • You want a friendly and fun way to create and share mementos
  • You enjoy community support and collaboration

This class is not for you if:

  • You want help writing a memoir or full-length body of work
  • You are seeking craft instruction or writing guidance
  • You’d like to work individually with the instructor

Hi! I’m Sage Cohen

I help people live well, write well, and make a bigger impact. I created Write Your Legacy to help you navigate by story light through uncertain times. 

I am the author of Fierce on the Page, The Productive Writer, and Writing the Life Poetic, all from Writer’s Digest Books and the poetry collection Like the Heart, the World. My work has been published widely, winning a variety of awards and honors.

I started teaching poetry at New York University in 1995 and have been lecturing and teaching nationally at workshops, conferences, and online ever since.

My articles about the writing life have been featured in multiple editions of Poet’s MarketWriter’s Market, Guide to Self-Publishing, and Writer’s Digest magazine.

I am a graduate of Brown University and the Creative Writing Program at New York University where I was awarded a full fellowship. 

And if you join me on this journey, I'll help you ensure your important life stories live on. So, your important people will have everything they need to celebrate and honor you.

“I really appreciated the way the group was accepting of everyone, which I attribute to Sage’s guidance. (I also loved the prompts she shared.)”

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Imagine the Peace of Feeling Prepared

Imagine starting 2021 knowing your legacy will live on.

What will it feel like knowing that you’ve distilled your stories, wisdom, and memories on the page? Knowing you’ve said what matters most to the people who matter most?

In just one month, you can enjoy the peace of feeling prepared for the future.

Happiness Guaranteed

My #1 priority is your happiness. Which means I stand by Write Your Legacy 100%! But if you’re not thrilled with your experience of this class, I’ll refund it within 30 days of purchase—no questions asked. Happiness. Guaranteed.

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